You’re a business owner. You invest countless hours creating the best possible products and services. You’re earning revenue, solidifying partnerships, and bringing on new talent. That should be your focus. But if you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you’re also justifiably concerned with finances.

For over 40 years W&Co has aided businesses both large and small at every stage of their development by providing proactive planning that allows owners to spend more time thinking about their business and less time worrying about cash flow. Even if you’re still in the funding stage or not yet generating significant revenue, the guidance of a knowledgeable advisor is invaluable. Together we’ll create short and long term strategies for growth, as well as assess and manage areas such as: forecasting, budgets, pricing, reporting, debt management, M&A, equity negotiations, taxes, and routine accounting.

As a new business owner, Wilensky and team has been there to help with all my business questions with immediate responses on the phone or in emails. I appreciate their rapid and friendly reply and making sense out of accounting and business issues for me.
— Oral Surgeon, Atlanta, GA

  • Work with management to make more informed business decisions
  • Update budgets to control costs and maintain spending accountability
  • Create a viable accounting and record keeping system
  • Create and update forecasts that will help management plan for cash requirements months in advance
  • Work with banks and lenders to ensure capital requirement demands are met
  • Structure purchases and sales of businesses, and Venture capital deals in utmost tax efficient manner